STM AUSTRALIR 20L Saga backpack【香港行貨】

顏色: 黑色
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傳說中的東西是從一代傳到下一代的。 就像我們 Saga 背包中的功能一樣——從 STM 家族樹上的前輩那裡繼承下來的元素和便利設施現在已經成為標誌性的。 懸浮技術細胞。 充足的存儲空間。 口袋,口袋,口袋。 一切都旨在最大化您的組織。 當涉及到日常攜帶時,這款包完全是史詩般的。 適合大多數 15 英寸屏幕和 16 英寸 MacBook Pro 選擇設備設備:適合大多數 15 英寸屏幕和 16 英寸 MacBook Pro

Saga backpack

Saga backpack
all the necessities to organise your stuff and protect your gear
Reverse Coil Zippers Banner
zippers: reverse thinking was a technological leap forward
To ‘show one’s teeth’ is a demonstration of strength or power. But in the case of our reverse coil zippers, not showing the teeth is what makes this closure so tough. We position the slider on the flatter side and feature a fabric covering over the teeth to help keep out dirt and moisture.

Water Repellent Banner
made with fabrics that enable you to weather any conditions
Crafted from environmentally-friendly, free of perfluorooctanoic acid DWR C6 plus two coatings of polyurethane (followed by the inner lining that’s treated with yet another coating of PU), our water-repellant packs and briefs let you protect your stuff while you protect the planet.

Additional Features Banner
additional features
Overflow stash pocket for easy access to quick grab items
External drop pocket for quick access (to reading materials, boarding passes, lightweight outerwear) umbrella, magazine, or other tidbits and whatnots
Internal zippered mesh pocket
Webbing loop for carabiner, bike light, or other accessories
Convenient key clip/fob

product specifications
16 laptop image
Fits Up To 16″
main material(s): 100% polyester
outer dimensions: H 17.3 x W 11.4 x D 5.9 in / H 44 x W 29 x D 15 cm
capacity: 20L
weight: 1.12 lbs / 0.51 kg

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